Providing quality work while exceeding your expectations — that’s our mission.

At Bailey’s, our business is based on family and that genuine spirit shows in everything we do.

That means you’ll get a real person on the phone when you call us during business hours and you can stop by our office to ask a question. The bottom line is, we’ll be there when you need us.

As the company founder, I’ve been at this since 2004, when my grandparents gave me a loan to start a landscaping company based on honesty and quality work. We’ve extended that family commitment by helping our employees grow professionally while ensuring that customers receive the highest level of care. Our team-building activities include training programs, Landscape Olympics and parties dedicated to customers and vendors.

When you choose Bailey’s for your lawn care services, you’ll find us sincerely attentive to your needs, interested in your landscaping ideas and respectful of your home. It’s all part of our down-to-earth mission to provide quality work and exceed your expectations. That’s our promise.

Dan Bailey


Meet the Team: Daniel

My real name is Daniel but everyone calls me Dan (my wife calls me Danny).

My job around here is to make sure everything goes as planned (CEO/Founder).


My favorite piece of equipment is Walk behind Lawn Mower because it is the first machine that I bought when starting the company.


I became involved in landscaping when my grandfather asked me to help him mow some grass in 1999.


When I'm not at work, you'll find me hanging out at the beach with my family.



Meet the Team: Christine

My real name is Christine but everyone calls me Chrissy or Crazy cat lady in the office.

My job around here is Office Manager.


My favorite piece of equipment is flowered garden boots because they are funky.


I became involved in landscaping when I planted my first herb garden a long, long time ago! And professionally in 2011 when I was lucky enough to be hired by Bailey’s.


When I'm not at work, you'll find me cooking for my family and caring for way too many pets.



Meet the Team: Christopher

My real name is Christopher but everyone calls me Chris.

My job around here is Commercial and Residential Design and Sales.


My favorite piece of equipment is the mini-excavator because it’s fun to operate.


I became involved in landscaping in 1986 when I went to the University of Delaware for agriculture with a concentration in Landscape Architecture.


When I'm not at work, you'll find me doing some sort of activity with my wife and kids. Boating, Soccer, Lacrosse, Surfing etc.