Bailey’s awarded Top Landscape Installation in Delaware

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping

This past January we were awarded the Top landscape award in Delaware.  We take a lot of pride in winning this award because it is judged by others in our industry.  All of the materials used are Techo-Bloc.  The project took about 3 months from start to finish.  Thanks to all of our great suppliers and team members we knocked this one out of the park.dnla-award


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Why Mulch?

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping

First of all mulch looks good!  Mulch gives your landscaping a clean look that highlights your plants and flowers.

Trees and shrubs love a fresh coat of mulch.  Not only because it looks good but it helps your plants retain moisture, blocks the intense sun in turn cooling the soil and making it a better place for your plants.  The mulch holds the water allowing it to be absorbed into the soil as opposed to running off or drying up.

Proper application is key to getting all of the benefits of mulch.  You should apply 2-3″ of mulch to the flower beds making sure not to pile it high around the base of the plants.  To keep the weeds down throughout the season make sure to apply a pre-emergent to the flower beds every 2-3 months.

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Great Partners – Absolute Lawn Care

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping


You have probably always wondered why your neighbors grass is so much greener than yours, never has any weeds and is quick to recover if it gets damaged.

If you have Bailey’s full service landscape maintenance program then you are in good shape.

There are some things that we at Bailey’s just know we are not the best at doing.  When this is the case we will make sure that our clients have someone that they can count on to take care of them.

Jason the owner of Absolute Lawn Care is one of the most respected people in his field.  He takes a very scientific approach to your lawn.  He takes a soil sample to make sure that he is putting the correct nutrients down when needed.  (He is one of the few who actually take the time to do this step)

Jason and his team are the only ones that we at Bailey’s trust to do the right thing for our clients. Like I said if you are signed up for our maintenance program then your lawn already looks better than the neighbors.  If not you need to call Jason and get on his list quick.  The list fills up quick because he is so good at what he does.  Give them a call at (302) 376-5222 and tell them Bailey’s said they were the best.  You’ll have the best looking lawn on the block before you know it.

Substitute those Invasives

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping


A great replacement for Burning Bush is Itea.  It will give you that great fall color without spreading all over the landscapes of Delaware.

Some other swaps you can make are:

  • Substitute Bradford Pear with Eastern Redbud.
  • Substitute Barberry with Nandina Firepower
  • Substitute English Ivy with Liriope Spicata

There are so many great ways to enjoy the landscape without using invasive species.  You just need the correct landscape consultant to point you in the right direction.

Aeration – What is it good for?

By Dan Bailey, in Lawn Maintenance

You probably notice when your friends and neighbors have had their yard aerated.  They have little plugs of soil all aver the yard that are just laying there.  Why do they aerate the lawn every year?

When you aerate your lawn it opens up the lawn to receive more nutrients, breaks up the thatch, and just plain lets the lawn breathe.  The soil plugs will break down over time and are fine to leave on the ground.  Seeding the lawn will help the lawn thicken up for the next season.  The thicker and healthier your lawn the less weeds you will see.

If you are going to aerate and seed the lawn yourself this year make sure you rent or borrow an aerator that leaves plugs and you use a high quality fescue seed mixture.Aerator

Common Questions About Outdoor Lighting

By Dan Bailey, in Lighting


Why should I light up my landscape?

Landscape lighting provides safety, security, and visual interest to your property. It extends your living area as well as the amount of time that you can enjoy the outdoor space.

How many lights do I need?

Depending on the size of your trees, the length of your walkway and the size of your patio the amount can vary widely. A typical home will have 3 up lights on trees that are over 15’ tall and have 4 path lights on a 20’ walkway.

How much does lighting cost?

A typical lighting system will be in the range of $2,500 to $3,000.

What maintenance is needed?

Maintenance is very limited on a lighting system. Typically you should check the system once a year and replace bulbs that are out. Bulbs will range from $10-$15 and LED bulbs will range from $25-$35.

Learn more about our outdoor lighting services.



Crape Murder: Don’t Do It!

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping

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All over the area crimes are being committed, and we can’t take it anymore.

Crape Myrtles are among the most beautiful plants with one of the longest blooms that we can have in our landscapes. They do not require a lot of maintenance, and they give us interest through all four seasons, especially when you add some lighting to them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 11.07.10 AMFor some reason, homeowners and some landscapers have started hacking them back to half their size every year. No professional with training in the landscape industry would say this is a good practice.

The only pruning you should be doing is removing broken branches from winter damage or the suckers that appear from the ground or the main trunks. Cutting trees back this way each year promotes weak branches and promotes disease.

If you have crape myrtles on your property that need to be cut back each year because they have outgrown their current space, the best thing to do is remove it, and replace it with a variety that will not grow as big.

There are many varieties of crape myrtles that are great for our area. Adding one to your property will give you beautiful interest on your property all year long.