Benefits of Dormant Pruning

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping

Like most people you are probably thinking, “what in the world is dormant pruning?” Dormant pruning is the practice of pruning trees and shrubs over the winter months when the plants are dormant.  There are many benefits to this type of pruning and deciduous trees and shrubs respond well.

Without all the leaves in the way, you can see what you’re doing. The structure of your tree or shrub’s branches is obvious, and easy to follow as you cut.
Dormant pruning puts less stress on the plant.Baum verschneiden - tree cutting 16

Fresh pruning cuts typically heal faster during dormant season and are less likely to attract disease-carrying insects.

Most deciduous trees and shrubs can be pruned in winter, as soon as they go dormant.
But don’t touch those evergreens: For the most part, they should be pruned during the growing season, since they never become fully dormant.

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