Boxwood Blight

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping

Boxwood Blight in the home landscape

  • This fungal disease attacks all boxwood species/cultivars and now is confirmed on pachysandra.
  • Boxwood blight can defoliate a boxwood in one season.
  • Fungicides do not eliminate this disease


  • Tan to brown circular spots on leaves
  • Increased leaf litter as leaves shed
  • Black to tan lesions develop on twigs

Best Management

  • Examine any Boxwood that you buy
  • Isolate new plants from established plantings
  • Maintain adequate spacing between plants to maximize air circulation
  • Avoid overhead watering
  • Remove plant debris


If you suspect boxwood blight symptoms you can call the University of Delaware Plant Diagnostic Clinic at (302) 831-1390

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