How do i take care of my irrigation system?

By Dan Bailey, in Landscaping
If your home has an irrigation system there are a few things that you need to do each year to make sure it is running smoothly all season long.
Spring Start up
  • Proper maintenance of your system begins at start up. Addressing potential issues early can help avoid surprises later. During the startup process you should inspect the entire system for mainline, lateral line and valve leaks.  Check all heads for proper operation and perform adjustments as needed.  Examine the controller for winter damage, check the backup battery, check the wire contacts and adjust the settings for spring conditions.
Seasonal inspections 
  •  You can stay ahead of issues by making controller adjustments in a timely manner.  During the inspection you want to run every zone and adjust heads for proper coverage and clean any nozzles not operating as they should.
  • involves purging the system with high volume compressed air.  Close the supply valves and set the controller to “off”.

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