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Great Partners – Absolute Lawn Care

By December 19, 2016No Comments


You have probably always wondered why your neighbors grass is so much greener than yours, never has any weeds and is quick to recover if it gets damaged.

If you have Bailey’s full service landscape maintenance program then you are in good shape.

There are some things that we at Bailey’s just know we are not the best at doing.  When this is the case we will make sure that our clients have someone that they can count on to take care of them.

Jason the owner of Absolute Lawn Care is one of the most respected people in his field.  He takes a very scientific approach to your lawn.  He takes a soil sample to make sure that he is putting the correct nutrients down when needed.  (He is one of the few who actually take the time to do this step)

Jason and his team are the only ones that we at Bailey’s trust to do the right thing for our clients. Like I said if you are signed up for our maintenance program then your lawn already looks better than the neighbors.  If not you need to call Jason and get on his list quick.  The list fills up quick because he is so good at what he does.  Give them a call at (302) 376-5222 and tell them Bailey’s said they were the best.  You’ll have the best looking lawn on the block before you know it.

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